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The Wikstrom Gallery began in the early 1980s and expanded in 2004. Co-owners William & Brom were both born and raised in Seattle and committed to careers in art from an early age. They have both actively participated in the area's cultural affairs and presented a wide assortment of artistic styles and individuals at their gallery in Seattle's Tangletown Neighborhood. William lives on-site and will be pleased to open by appointment at 206-633-5544.

Mixed Medium 24X36

Featuring Robert Wikstrom

Jan. 16th - Feb. 13th, 2014

Opening reception: Friday, Jan. 16th 5-8pm

We are pleased to explore the wild and the tamed, the colorful and camoflauged. Animals that fly, crawl, leap, swim and share this world with us.

Other artists in the exhibition:

Helmi Juvonen, Wes Wehr, Ree Brown, Eustace Ziegler, Rudy Bundas, Joe Reno, Carol R. Williams, June Olson, Alex Marris, Doug Kyes, Fred Thomas, Rich Byer, Lyle Silver, Jacques Moiteret along with William & Brom Wikstrom.

Robert Wikstrom was a highly respected artist in the Seattle area. He was designer, graphic artist, skilled caligrapher and art director throughout the Puget Sound area. He delighted in creating images of animals in all their varied attitudes and emphasized their dynamic forms in watercolor, pen and ink and wood carvings.

We shall place his work in context with other well regarded artists in the Northwest who approached the animal kingdom with wonder and dignity.

We offer general and specialized art services and programs. William and Brom can provide instruction on the fundementals of creating art. Drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and video production are included among our programs. Custom Framing and restoration services are also available.

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